The French Education System

AEFE Convention and French Program

As a member of the world’s largest network of schools under the auspices of the l’Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger, the French School in Belgrade can guarantee continuation of education anywhere in the world. Students from any French school within AEFE network are admitted without an exam requirement:

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, AEFE guarantees that the education provided in EFB is in line with the principles, programs and pedagogical organization of the French education system.

With the support and encouragement of the EFB teaching staff, every student can thrive, achieve success and the best results relative to their potential. Exam results over the years show the quality of the education provided and commitment of the teaching staff.

Learning languages in the French School in Belgrade

At the EFB, students are assigned to classes where French is the teaching language. They start learning English in the last year of preschool, and precisely due to that, they are fluent in English at the end of their educational journey. Most of our students graduate from high school with English language proficiency at the CERCL level C1 or C2. At the same time, students discover or further deepen their knowledge of the Serbian language and culture, as they are an integral part of our local identity.

At the 5ème, they start learning the fourth language of their own choosing. The available options are: Italian, German, Spanish and Russian. Due to their excellent knowledge of 4 languages, our students are ready to become citizens of the world and the future.

Linguistic programs in the French School in Belgrade

Our school proposes two linguistic programs to the: Classique (classic, i.e. enriched French course) and Parle (reinforced English course). For more information visit the link.

At the EFB, we not only foster interculturality, but we also implement a policy of guidance towards higher education. We help them discover the secrets of business world with the aim of making their future decisions easier.

The school system “à la française”

French Educational System