For a life without borders


The French School in Belgrade is an international school attended by children of various nationalities. From preschool to high school, our educational program is rich and demanding, and it is being implemented under the supervision of a dedicated professional team.

4 main reasons to choose the French school in Belgrade:

  • An education based on the values of France: equality, fraternity, humanity, and secularism;
  • A demanding school program focused on excellence and openness to the world;
  • An AEFE network of 540 partner schools in 138 countries to pursue education anywhere in the world;
  • A springboard to the future: higher education accessible anywhere in the world (France, EU, UK, US, etc.).


  • Share your belongings, share the joy!
    The French school in Belgrade is once again organizing collection of donations for the most vulnerable
  • ADN-AEFE program
    This year five of our students are participating in the program and they will go to Ho Chi Minh City, Ibiza, Barcelona, La Marsa and Jerusalem.
  • World of Games
    The (virtual) Olympic flame relay race took place on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at Hayd Park.


In order for you to better get to know the French School in Belgrade, we let the members of our community say a few words. Here's what they wanted to share.

Famille Grigorov
Parents d’élève

Our son, Georgi Grigorov, was enrolled in the 1st grade in The French School in Belgrade on September 5, 2022, with very little knowledge of French. Four months later, Georgi speaks and understands French well, and he does his homework with pleasure. As Georgi’s parents, we want to express our satisfaction with the school and the teacher. She redoubled efforts and professionalism to ensure that Georgi feels comfortable and that he can express himself and communicate as well as French-speaking students.












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