Extra-curricular activities

After the classes, EFB offers additional activities.

Extended stay program for preschool and primary school students

The extended day service is available to children from TPS to CM2.

Parents who opt for the extended day service can pick their children up every day after classes, no later than 5:30 p.m., i.e. no later than 4 p.m. on Fridays.

At the preschool extended stay lounge, children are accompanied and guided by assistant teachers (ASEM) and pedagogical assistants (vie scolaire). As to primary school, there are pedagogical assistants present during all proposed activities. Students have board games, they can draw or participate in other activities. At the same time, children are additionally exposed to French language.

You can apply for the extended stay program via Eduka at the beginning of the quarter, for each quarter.

Primary school activities

After classes, EFB offers preschoo and primary school students a program of extracurricular activities.

Activity description and schedule are available via Eduka. You can apply via same portal. As to quarterly workshops, it is necessary to reapply at the beginning of each quarter.

The selection of sports, cultural, artistic and linguistic activities changes every year.

Preschool activities:

Primary school activities:

You can download the price list for extended day program and extra-curricular activities from this link.

Middle school and high school activities

As part of extra-curricular activities in the secondaire, EFB offers the following:

1. activities within the Sports Association (AS) that include registration of sports members:

We look forward to having sporting events with other local or international schools in the future.

2. theater workshops in middle school

This workshop provides a French speaking practice, along the pleasure of discovering acting and being on stage.

Students are invited to actively participate in each workshop, taking turns as actors, audience, directors and critics.

A school play is planned for the end of the school year. To participate in these workshops, you need to register via Eduka portal.

3. theater workshops in high school

One or two plays are planned within this activity. It takes true motivation and commitment so that rehearsals can take place in optimal conditions.

To participate in these workshops, you need to register via Eduka portal.