News of the EFB

Visiting The National Museum

Both CP classes have visited the National Museum. Read more

APE – Students’ Parents’ Association

Visit the new page dedicated to The Students' Parents' Association (APE)! Read more

The Armistice Day

The commemoration of the Armistice of the First World War took place on November 11 at the French military cemetery in Belgrade. Read more

School trip

CP and CE1 students spent a day at the village of naive painters in Kovacica. Read more

Happy holidays

The French School in Belgrade will be closed from Saturday, October 21 2023, until Monday, November 6 2023. Read more

Book Fair

Discover the French School in Belgrade at the Book Fair, on Thursday, October 26, from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. Read more

Plastic under the microscope

Plastic under the microscope: Participatory science in the service of scientific education and sustainable development Read more

French lessons for parents

The French School in Belgrade and the French Institute in Serbia offer French language lessons to parents. Read more

Back to school 2023 / 2024

Visit the links to access the back to school information for 2023 / 2024. Read more

School supplies 2023 / 2024

Visit the links to access the school supplies lists for 2023 / 2024. Read more

Summer break

The French School in Belgrade will be closed from Tuesday, July 5 2023, until Friday, September 1 2023. Read more

Projet Ice cube

This year during physics lessons back with the question: Why does an ice cube float? Read more

Graduation ceremony

Congratulations to the class of 2023 and good luck for the rest of your journeys! Read more

Preschool Week

Our preschoolers from all 4 groups have participated in the Preschool Week organized by AEFE in the zone of Southeast Europe (ZESE) from June 12 to 16. Read more

Preschool outing

Our preschoolers visited the MadMed honey garden located in the Silos in Dorcol. Read more