Head of School / Principal

Françoise Leroy

manages the institution and the entire school team.

Executive Director

Milan Martinović

Is the legally responsible person as well as the Financial and Administrative Director.

Head of Primary

Murielle Ducroo

in charge of education in preschool and primary school.

Head of Secondary / CPE

Laurent Psalmon

in charge of secondaire, i.e. middle school and high school.

This team works closely with the diplomatic office under the Ambassador’s jurisdiction, and the AEFE services. The French School in Belgrade is part of the AEFE network and abides by the agreement that sets out the rules of the partnership and the respective roles. The school has a Board of trustees featuring, among others, several members from the Parents’ Association. The Board is in charge of determining the tuition fee, voting on the budget and deciding on strategic matters.

The entire team of the French School in Belgrade

The team in charge of preschool and primary school

The team in charge of middle school and high school


Functional organization chart of the French School in Belgrade