“Bourse d’excellence EFB” scholarship

School year 2023/2024

The Board of Directors of the French School in Belgrade decided to award scholarships to two students who attend a Serbian school and achieve exceptional results. This scholarship covers enrollment in the French School in Belgrade and the total annual tuition fees from 3e to Terminale (4 years).
The two selected students will also take the French graduation exam (Baccalauréat) which will enable them to enroll in universities anywhere in the world. These students should also meet the Bourse Excellence Major de l’AEFE scholarship criteria, which could partially finance the costs of their study in France.
Only non-French candidates are eligible for this scholarship (declaration on honour).

Who can apply?

If you are eligible for this scholarship and need additional information or/and wish to submit your application, please contact us at: efb.admi@efb.rs.

Application file

Each candidate must complete the Application file (Dossier de candidature), which includes:

  • Student booklets with grades and teacher comments (6th and 7th grades)
  • DELF results confirming B1 or higher level of French proficiency
  • Cover letter showing the candidates interest in the French language and motivation to attend the French School in Belgrade
  • Orientation project

The complete application must be submitted to the French School in Belgrade before the 28th of February 2022 by sending an e-mail to the following address: efb.admi@efb.rs.

Download documents