School trip: Sarajevo & Visegrad

The Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric and his book The Bridge on the Drina, one of the complementary books that can be presented during the second part of the EAF oral exam (Anticipatory French Baccalaureate exams), were the original motivation for this educational trip. Added to this primary motivation was the desire to respond to the invitation of the French International College of SarajevoEurope. It was therefore an opportunity to introduce the students of the second year of high school to this city with a rich and tumultuous past, which has made it, over the centuries, a real multicultural melting pot. This trip made it possible for the students to understand the values of integration and understanding which precisely drive the European project to which the countries of the Western Balkans aspire and which the EFB also carries. We would also like to thank Bogdan, Masa, Filip, Marta and Milena for the texts serving as explanatory captions for the many views that illustrate this presentation. Click on the link to watch the video of the trip.