Safety: Entering school premises

The entry into the rooms of the lower grades of elementary school and kindergarten is strictly limited, it is allowed in special cases, if previously announced, exclusively to teaching staff.



It is required from parents to drive very carefully around the school for the safe movement of children. Whenever entering the rooms of upper grades of elementary and secondary school, parents are obliged to report to the Pedagogical Service (vie scolaire) – the Cuban building in advance. Entering the staff room and classrooms is strictly forbidden for parents.



Students must always have with them their correspondence notebook (carnet de correspondance – it is a link between school and parents) which any of the employees can ask for. Students must strictly adhere to school rules and prohibitions.


Moving through the school, self-discipline

Moving through the school should be as quick and careful as possible, respecting the security of each individual. It is not allowed to stay in the corridors except on small breaks.


During a big break and a lunch break, students are obliged to leave the building. Students can leave the classroom only after the professor has allowed it, and with his/her escort. School bags must be arranged in front of the classrooms so as not to block the passage.


General safety

General safety is regulated by constant surveilance around and inside the school. Everyone is required to understand instructions and advice issued by the administration and to forward them to those to whom they are intended.

Also, each person should actively participate and give their maximum in preserving safety.

The presence of any suspicious person or object must be reported immediately.