The Primary School Council

Members of the School Council

The Primary School Council is made up of the Head of Institution, the Head of Primary, parents’ representatives selected by pupils’ families (up to 16) and teachers’ representatives (at least one for each cycle).

Meetings of the Primary School Council are held every term before the School Council meetings. The Council is chaired by the Head of Primary.

The Primary School Council is an advisory body whose opinions and recommendations are communicated to the School Council, which is a decision-making body.


The Primary School Council


Votes on the internal rulebook,
Gives its opinion on the organization of after-school care,
Agrees on the organization of additional activities, sports and cultural activities,
Gives suggestions for the school life,
Establishes the projtect of the school week, associated with the development of the school plan,
Adopts the school plan,
Is informed about the organization of special aid and about the criteria for selecting textbooks and other school material.


Contact the members of the School Council


The members of the School Council can be contacted through the mailing list