Committee for Secondary School Life

Secondary School Life Council (CVL): composition, competencies


Legal framework: circular instruction 2004-116 from 15th July 2014


Secondary School Life Council draws up proposals regarding the training of student delegates and the conditions for the use of secondary school funds.


It is mandatory that the Council gives its opinion on the following issues:


  1. a) the general principles of teaching organization, school timetable and the development of a plan for establishing, developing or amending the internal rules of the school;
  2. b) general ways and conditions of organizing personal work and providing support for students;
  3. c) information regarding orientation in the field of further school and university education, as well as professional careers;
  4. d) health, hygiene, safety and space design for students’ life in secondary school;
  5. e) organizing sports, cultural and extracurricular activities.


It can adopt, and grant wishes within its jurisdiction.


The French School in Belgrade (EFB) presents the regional Secondary School Life Council on November 14th and 15th 2017 in Athens + photographs


Margaret Boscq TS, Vice-President of the Committee for Secondary School Life (CVL), took an active part on November 14 and 15 at the first meeting of the Committee for Secondary School Life (CVL) for South-East Europe, as a representative of the French School in Belgrade. It was also attended by Mr. Amar Ouriachi, Principal Education Counsellor (CPE) and Deputy Head of the School. This event was held in the French-Greek Secondary School Eugène Delacroix d’Athènes (LFHED)


1. During the first half of the day, after the arrival and acquaintance and quick presentation of the program, after a short get-together, which enabled the students to “break the ice”, the students sat down and immediately approached the main topic: presenting the delegates of the Committee for Secondary School Life ( CVL), the current status of the Committee for Secondary School Life (CVL) in various areas of work (ongoing projects, difficulties encountered …), collecting training questions…

After that, Mrs. Mossard, Deputy Head of the regional zone, presented the AGORA platform, which will from now on allow current and former AEFE students (the Agency for French Education Abroad) to exchange information and communicate with each other in a quick and easy way.
The second part of the daily program dealt with the following topic: ‘How to develop and implement a project in an institution’, with a focus on the following elements:


– Type of project implemented by the Committee for Secondary School Life (CVL);


– Methodology of the project: how to include all the needs of secondary school students, how to stimulate ideas, to classify them according to priority, to examine their feasibility, how to debate in the Committee for Secondary School Life (CVL), how to make decisions, how to approach other instances in the decision-making process, how to provide financial means, how to convince, communicate …


– Communication with other students, with adults in the institution, with parents, with other secondary school partners, with other persons in the environment. How can communication between the Committees for Secondary School Life (CVL) be achieved? How can communication with secondary school students within the area be achieved?


After a great lunch together, the students, in a group or independently, approached processing the topic of “sustainable development in my school”, with a special focus on the following question: what will I suggest as a delegate of the Committee for Secondary School Life (CVL) in my institution?

2. On Wednesday, November 16, all students and attendants visited ‘Stavos Niarchos’, where the Greek National Library was located, as well as the Athens Opera House.


In the morning, the topic of the previous day was reopened, this time in the presence of members of the Athens Committee for Secondary School Life (CVL), the main counsellors for the education of participating institutions and guests who participated in the discussion of the previous day.


Each delegate was given the opportunity to accurately present a project proposal which will be presented in their institution.


After visiting the locations together with a guide, all students and attendants were guests at the Embassy of France.


The afternoon ended with sightseeing of the most symbolic locations in Athens, the cradle of democracy, organized by the students of the Committee for Secondary School Life (CVL) in Athens. Dionysus Theater, Acropolis and a view of the Roman Agora were seen on the way back to the bus.


There was also a small surprise; the students prepared a short play on the theme of the birth of Athens, in which the delegates of the Committee for Secondary School Life (CVL) acted. Marguerite BOSCQ had the opportunity to show all the beauty and magnificence of her talent, because she has been attending an acting workshop at the French school in Belgrade for several years now.


Many thanks to the whole team of LFEHD in general and the members of the Committee for Secondary School Life (CVL) in Athens for hospitality, organization and kindness throughout the meeting of the Committee for Secondary School Life (CVL). We are particularly grateful to the family Etienne and their daughter Emma who welcomed Marguerite in their home during her stay in Athens.