EFB hosts debates on the future of tourism

EFB hosts debates on the future of tourism!


During the first few weeks of this new school year,

the 3èmes have studied different facets of tourism. At the end of this unit, they took part in a role-play debate on a number of issues linked to the current trends of tourism and to its future.


Our students championed various positions


about air travel (low-budget flights, air taxes and carbon footprint offsetting schemes), the impact of websites on traditional travel agents, the consequences of the Airbnb platform, and more generally of mass tourism, but also explored alternative types of tourism such as voluntourism, ecotourism, sustainable tourism, and Workawaying, as they embodied such various personalities as Greta Thunberg, the CEO of Thomas Cook, the King of Bhutan, Ada Colau, the Mayor of Barcelona, and a few others.


The students who chaired the debates

made sure that the exchanges on all these topics that we are sure to hear more about were both solid and lively. Congratulations to all and sundry for the quality of the speeches given during such a challenging activity as a formal debate !