National Exam – Middle School Diploma

The National Diploma – Brevet (DNB): what you need to know


The National Diploma – Brevet (DNB) is based on the evaluations of the common framework and five mandatory exams taken at the end of the 4th cycle (at the end of 3ème*):


Common framework evaluations carry 400 points.


The level of mastering each of eight elements of the common framework is evaluated at the Class Council at the end of the third term of 3ème:

  • Unsatisfactory (10 points)
  • Weak (25 points)
  • Satisfactory (40 points)
  • Excellent (50 points)

Mandatory exams taken at the end of 3ème carry 400 points.


Oral exam at the end of the school year

The oral exam can be taken in two ways:

  • as a 15-minute individual exam (5 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for answering questions);
  • as a 25-minute group exam (10 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes for answering questions).


Four written exams in June

Written exams are taken from the following subjects:

  • French (3 hrs): evaluation of linguistic skills (grammar, re-writing and vocabulary), skills of understanding and interpreting based on literary extracts and images as well as writing skills (dictation and an essay);
  • Mathematics (2 hrs): exercises (some with tables or graphs and one IT exercise);
  • History/Geography (2 hrs): analysis and understanding of documents, the use of historical and geographic references and implementation of skills acquired in classes of moral and civil education;
  • Science (1 hr): the choice of 2 disciplines out of 3 – Physics and Chemistry/Life and Earth Science/Technology;
  • evaluation of the common framework, acquired knowledge, skills and culture.


The listed exams carry the total of 400 points and they are divided in the following way:

  • French – 100 points
  • Mathematics – 100 points
  • History/Geography – 50 points
  • Science (Physics and Chemistry/Life and Earth Science/Technology): 50 points

(NB: in this exam, only two out of three disciplines are evaluated. Namely, at the beginning of the exam, a student chooses randomly two out of three disciplines).

  • The oral exam carries 100 points

Additional points are given to candidates who attended classes of an optional subject and according to the acquired level of knowledge at the end of the 4th cycle:

  • 10 points if the objectives of the classes have been attained
  • 20 points if the objectives of the classes have been exceeded.

A student has passed the exam if he/she has received at least 400 points (of total 800 points).

According to the total number of the received points, students are given the following descriptive grades: “satisfactory”, “good” or “very good”. Grades are given in the following way:

  • satisfactory – if the student has received more than 480 points
  • good – if the student has received more than 560 points
  • very good – if the student has received more than 640 points