In accordance with the linguistic policy of the Agency for French Education Abroad, the French School in Belgrade, provides its students with an opportunity to  take different certified exams during their education. The EFB is responsible for registering students who want to obtain the desired certificates after the families have paid the registration fees, and a teacher accompanies the students on the day of the examination. The students are informed about the structure of the test by their language teachers. Additional preparation may be organized for some exams or it may be part of the language lessons.

These exams are not mandatory for education at EFB, but they may be useful in case of continuing education in other systems, and particularly for higher education in foreign institutions.

These standardised exams aim to validate the students’ language ability. They are designed with reference to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). The difficulty of the tests will depend on the level – A1 to C2 – established by that document. The exams are organized by independent institutions, the EFB’s partners:

  • For French as a foreign language: The French Institute
  • For Serbian: The Faculty of Philology
  • For English: The British Council
  • For Spanish: The Servantes Institute
  • For German: The Goethe Institute
  • For Russian: The Russian Centre for Science and Culture
  • For Italian: The Italian Institute of Culture


At present, you can take the following exams at EFB:


Primary school


CE 2 (Year 3) CM2 (Year 5)
French DELF Prim – A1 DELF Prim – A2
English Cambridge Movers or Flyers
Serbian Serbian as a foreign language A1 do B1 (at parents’ request)


Serbian as a foreign language exam (levels A1 to B1) can be taken from CE2 (Year 3) to CM2 (Year 5), at parents’ request.


Secondary School


5ème(Year 7) 4ème(Year 8) 3ème (Year 9) 2nde (Year 10) 1ère (Year 11)
French DELF Junior B1 (depending on the student’s level) DELF Junior 2 (depending on the student’s level)
Serbian Serbian as a foreign language A1 do B1 (at parents’ request)
English Cambridge PET B1 Cambridge FCE B2
German Goethe Zertifikat A1
Spanish DELE B1
Italian CILS B1
Russian диплом русского языка как иностранного de l’Université de St Péterbourg A1, A2, B1

NB :

These standardised exams will evaluate the language skills: Listening Comprehension / Reading Comprehension / Speaking / Writing.

CEFR levels correspond to the following levels:

  • A1 : Beginner level
  • A2 : Elementary level
  • B1 : Intermediate level
  • B2 : Upper Intermediate level
  • C1 : Advanced level
  • C2 : Proficiency level