Chess tournament

October 13, 2022: On behalf of the CVL (Student parliament), the student of the final year of high school Marko Papic took the initiative to reunite chess fans from several schools in Belgrade, as well as the First Kragujevac high school, under the patronage of the French which also provided 2 prizes for the winners. The Chess Federation of Serbia gave support to this event, with the aim of popularizing chess among youth. The French school in Belgrade took an active role and helped Marko and the CVL to bring the project to life, organizing the reception of participants and their professors and offering prizes to the best players, as well as gifts to all participants. More than 50 students from ten different schools took part in this tournament. They were divided into two groups, according to their age. The winners of the 2 groups then disputed a decisive match, at the end of which the title of best player of the tournament went to the student of the Eighth Belgrade high school, Matija Petronijevic. Big thanks to Dragan Lazic and Marija Lukic from the Chess Federation, Franck Hiddinga from the French Institute and Jelica Ristic Cirovic from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development for their support. Watch the video: