Public Transport

The French School in Belgrade is conveniently located at Senjak, a quarter of the Savski Venac Municipality.


Senjak is 7 km away from the city centre, at the top of steep Topcider Hill, in the area above the Belgrade Fair near the Sava River. It is surrounded by Topcider and Careva Cuprija in the south, by Mostar Loop in the north, by Prokop and Dedinje in the east. This triangular quarter is bordered by two boulevards: Vojvode Misica Boulevard and Vojvode Putnika Boulevard.


With Dedinje next door, Senjak is generally considered as one of the most sophisticated Belgrade quarters.


Though most children in Serbia walk to the nearest school, this is not possible for all our students.


Our school is well-connected in terms of public transport and we can highly recommend it.