The absences and delays


Attending classes is an essential condition for students’ success.

Frequent absences invoke the calling of students and their parents.

Any absence must be justified in the heading reserved for absences in the correspondence notebook (carnet de corespondance), the justification must be completed and signed by the parent or an authorized person. In order to be able to attend classes, the student must submit this justification to the pedagogical service (vie scolaire). Acceptance of reasons for absence from school is approved by the principal of the institution, who, in certain cases, may request additional explanation.

In the event of a planned absence, families are expected to notify the school timely in order to take appropriate measures.

Frequent, deliberate or unjustified absences can lead to the sanctioning of a student.

Accuracy is one of the most essential obligations.

Any student who comes late may be denied access to classes. Frequent delays are subject to disciplinary measures.


Absences from the test


A student who missed the day before the test or the classes preceding the test may be disabled from doing a test or the results of the test can be annulled.

A student who is absent from a test or an oral interrogation is obliged to accept an afterward evaluation, if the professor requires it, and under the conditions determined by the professor.

If a student does not justify his/her absence, or if the justification is not accepted by the principal of the institution, the student will be sanctioned.

Any work that a student does not hand in to a teacher after a test will be treated as if the student handed in a blank sheet and can be evaluated with the zero grade.

The number of completed tests will be entered in the quarterly certificate, in order to show the right value of the average grade.