Infirmary and Taking Medicine

Infirmary is a place for treating:

  • Pupils injured at school,
  • Pupils with symptoms of an illness,
  • Pupils in need of advice,
  • Families whose children need medical attention.


The school nurse’s role

The school nurse works in close cooperation with the entire school community (teachers, staff from the School Life Office (Vie Scolaire), school management, supervisory staff). He establishes contacts with the pupils’ families and the canteen staff.


  • First aid and intervention in case of medical emergency,
  • Listening to pupils’ problems and needs,
  • Giving advice (acting as a member of the educational team and as a health advisor to pupils),
  • Prevention (establishing a prevention programme),
  • Education (health education with the aim of making pupils responsible, independent and aware of prevention),
  • Protection (children who are in danger or who are being mistreated),
  • Assisting the integration of the disabled or chronically ill pupils.


Medication at school


Teachers are not authorised to give medication to pupils. Never put any medication, however harmless, in your child’s schoolbag. It poses a potential risk for the child and his classmates.

The school is also attended by pupils with long-term health problems (e.g. allergies…). Personalised care programmes (PAI) are developed at the request of the family. The PAI must be certified by the pupil’s doctor.