Links for Secondary School

Communication between parents and teaching staff

Any form of communication between the parents and the teaching team is possible throughout the school year (parental meetings, open doors, individual meetings), except for two weeks prior to sessions of the class council (conseils de classe).

The correspondence notebook (carnet de correspondance), which students should always carry with them, is a link between the family and the teaching team. It contains the school regulations and all information necessary for monitoring the education of the child. Parents are required to check it regularly. Any notice of retention after classes or expulsion from classes will be sent to the family for signature and should be returned as soon as possible to the pedagogical service (vie scolaire). In addition, parents have access to an electronic register book where they can get all information regarding their child’s education (timetable, results, regular attendance in classes, discipline …) and should visit the site regularly.

In addition to parental meetings scheduled by the school, parents have the opportunity to meet with professors by scheduling a meeting (except for the last two weeks prior to sessions of the class council and during sessions) using the correspondence notebook.

Meetings between parents and professors may take place exclusively in school premises defined for that purpose by the pedagogical service (vie scolaire).


Students’ Electronic Register book (cahier de textes de l’eleve)

The electronic register book is an essential tool and a guide to schoolwork which allows students to plan their duties and parents to monitor the work of their children. Students should consult it and monitor it regularly. This does not relieve them of the obligation to regularly record what they have for homework in classes.


Internet section for work, electronic register book for monitoring school obligations and monitoring work:

Each student has a personal access to an online section for working on the school website: A personal approach involves a section of their own, a class electronic register book, and a section for communication with professors.

A class electronic register book, which describes the program and content of class pedagogical activities, is available to students and their parents on the site:

The teaching team, pupils and their families can use this section as a guideline.

It is recommended for parents to follow it regularly together with their children.

Here, parents and students can see grades, absences, lates … (each student, each parent must have their own username and password for access). A regular input of grades is expected from the professors.


Three-month certificate

A quarterly certificate is an important official document that the family needs to save with utmost care. This document shows the grades, with the professors’ opinions and explanations about the work and the results of the students, and the absences. It represents official guidelines at the end of the third quarter.

It is given to the family at the open doors at the end of each quarter, except at the end of the third, when it is given to students.

Parents will be notified of this by an e-mail.


Forwarding information and administrative documents

Everyday information is transmitted through students. Additionally, it is recommended for families to check the school website regularly. Some information may be sent by an e-mail twice as a precaution. Notifications concerning the Parents’ Council will generally be bilingual (as far as possible); other notices will be exclusively in French.

Members of any official school body (School Council, Class Council, Disciplinary Board, etc.) must take into account the confidentiality of information exchange.