Links for Primary School

Correspondence notebook :


Correspondence notebook is a communication tool between teachers and parents. At primary school this notebook is used to inform the parents about outings or any other activities. It can be used by parents to make an appointment with a teacher.


Meetings at the beginning of the school year :


All parents are invited to general informative meetings at the beginning of the school year with the school management, classroom teachers and language teachers. These general meetings are followed with meetings with your child’s classroom teacher. The parents are informed about the dates of these meetings by the school management on the first day of the school year.


Teachers acquaint the parents with the curriculum for the new school year, with the timetables and perhaps with the planned outings (sightseeing, visits, workshops, plays, field trips etc.).


Meetings at the end of the terms :


At the end of the first and the second term, parents can make appointments with the teachers after the marking reports have been sent.


Meetings at parents’ request :


Parents can make an appointment with a teacher or the school management by using a correspondence notebook or telephoning the school secretary.