Chindogu Fair

The first Chindogu Fair opens on Monday 3rd Februaray 2020. This exhibition, which will give everyone a chance to discover the ludicrous gadgets that 5èmes students imagined as part of their English classes, will be held in the veranda of the EFB library from 3rd to 21st February 2020.

In keeping with its forerunners such as Jacques Carelman’s Catalogue of Objets Introuvables (« Catalogue of Unfindable Objects ») or Gaston Lagaffe’s farfetched creations, chindogu – weird tools in Japanese – are, according to the definition of their « father », un-useless objects, that is to say almost useful but unusable on account of the shame or discomfort that they would generate in a potential user.

Will you acquire the taste of the UN-USELESS ? Come and see for yourself!

Written by Luc Thuilleaux

Outing to the Deutsche Schule Belgrad

Twenty-one of the EFB students from 3e and 4e went to the German School in Belgrade on Wednesday 22nd 2020. After being warmly welcomed in French by the students from the Deutsch Schule, they were taken on a tour of the classrooms , sport fields, gym, canteen etc…

A photoshoot of all the participants in the exchange preceded the beginning of the quiz, for which the students from both schools were divided into 4 mixed groups – each group made up of students from both EFB and the German School – so that they could assist, support and help each other while answering the questions.

The quiz covered five areas: 1. history/geography 2. tradition/culture 3. fashion 4. sports/leisure 5. grammar/vocabulary. Questions about France were asked in German by a DSB student, while questions about Germany were read in French by an EFB student

Each team chose the topic that they wanted. The members of the group were allowed to confer before they gave their answer. Each question was worth a number of points depending on how difficult the question was.

This outing was brought to a pleasant conclusion at the canteen where food and juices were served and participants could chat for a while. Hopefully it was a nice experience that will be remembered fondly by all the students.

Pictures will be uploaded shortly…

Written by Margita Deh, German teacher

Chindogu – Say again? Chin do what? 

Japanese is not set to become EFB’s 8th foreign language. But Chindogu comes from Japanese alright. Chindogu, in the words of Kenji Kawakami who coined up the term and the concept, are UN-useless objects, in other words “strange devices” that might be useful to us if only we were not a little ashamed to use them.

  Suction-cup hat to make the Belgrade public transport journeys smoother.

They’re very much akin to the brainchildren of the Salon Lépine, except these contraptions do not stand a chance to be ever marketed, which would totally contradict the Chindogu spirit! If you want to form a better idea of what Chindogu are like, just think about Gaston Lagaffe’s zany gizmos…

The “waiting-for-global-warming” mid-season umbrella.

You will shortly be welcome to the EFB’s Chindogu fair, where the not-entirely-useful-nor-totally-useless-either goofy inventions concocted by the 5ème pupils in the last unit of the 2019 English class will be on display. Book your tickets now!

Written by Luc Thuilleaux

All fun and Games !

Two years after the first EFB Commonwealth Games, which were held in Maydan, this year’s 5ème pupils studied the Commonwealth, with a special focus on the Commonwealth Games.

In this unit, they got to discover sports and games played in English-speaking countries the world over. Each group then selected one of these activities which they introduced to their schoolmates at Colonial Sun, before they could have a go at them, during the second EFB Commonwealth Games on Thursday 21st November.

This rather special one-hour class dedicated to Kabbadi (a contact sport from the Indian subcontinent) to Three Tins (a game of skill originating from South Africa) and to Shaka (a common Tanzanian tag game) went by far too quickly according to the 5èmes students.

   An ongoing game of “Shake”

   Strategic thinking before the  “Three tins” throw .

  The “Kabbadi” players proved too fast to be photographed!

Joyful players/coaches!

     The organising committee will meet in the coming months to set the date and venue of  the 3rd EFB Commonwealth Games. Stay tuned!

Written by Luc Thuilleaux


at the EFB – October 2019

In October 2019, the students of CM2 and 6ème took part in the traditional Spelling Bee competition, held every autumn at EFB! As always, students demonstrated great zeal, put in a lot of effort in achieving the best possible results and proved to be un-BEE-lievable spellers!

The nerve-racking finals were held in the week before the autumn break when the CM2 as well as 6ème finalists competed in an electric but friendly and supportive atmosphere.

The winners of the first place will be awarded popular contemporary books for children/teenagers, chosen carefully by their English teachers, and the second and the third runners—up will be given small tokens of appreciation for all their effort and enthusiasm.

We have enjoyed the competition and seeing our students work hard towards the goal and competing in knowledge! We look forward to doing it all over again next year!

The CM2 finalists

The 6ème finalists

Written by Katarina Loncar


Treasure ahoy !

Any clue what the common point is between #HiddenCash, Harry Potter, Oedipus and the University of Chicago ? … Well, it’s staring you in the face… Clues it is, the clues that the groups of 4ème studied in their first unit while exploring the topics mentioned above, and which gave them inspiration for their own clues.

In small teams, the 4ème students wrote five clues – which had to include three imposed types, namely a riddle, a rebus puzzle and an anagram puzzle, the other two to be chosen from among codes, visual puzzles, crossword puzzles and the like… in order to organize a treasure hunt for their schoolmates on Friday 11th October.

Regrettably, no one managed to find the chest full of diamonds rumoured to be buried somewhere in the secondary school playground, or is it the primary school ?… or again under the school cafeteria ?… Anyhow, the quatrièmes were delighted to be treated to a tasty treasure which they shared at the end of the hunt.

Written by Luc Thuilleaux



Written by Luc Thuilleaux