Europe and I


Europa Diary has been published in Serbia for the tenth time. Europa Diary is a yearly publication that has covered a wide range of topics since the creation of the EU. These topics are of special interest to young people, dealing with EU institutions, ecology, human and minority rights, pursuing further education in EU countries, student exchanges … (#EUzaTebe #Europeandaily) for high school students.

The Europa Diary 2019/2020 publication was funded by the EU Delegation to the Republic of Serbia. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of European Integration supported the project and participated in the preparation of this journal.

The topics of the “Europe and I” 10th Jubilee Contest were EU and Serbia; EU in your daily life; Myths about the EU; Human rights, Environment and climate changes; Violence prevention; Europe – united in diversity. Contestants were invited to submit their entry in one of the following media: photographs, videos, comic books / cartoons and web site design.

For the first time, the Europa Diary welcomed international schools in the competition, including ours, the French school in Belgrade.

That is why we are additionally honored that our final grade student, Ljubomir Ceranic, with his strip cartoon, on the topic of Environment and Climate Change, won the second prize (of the total 15 prizes awarded) among more than 230 works. The award includes a seven-day trip to three EU countries (Italy, Austria and Hungary – this year) as soon as conditions allow.

We wholeheartedly congratulate Ljubomir on his personal success, and thank him for his wonderful advertising and promotion of our school.

We also sincerely congratulate and thank our second participant, Alexander Absmann.