Life at Primary School

The school days are full of various projects and activities. You can go to the class blogs or to the “Art and Culture” pages to find more about the primary students’ projects.



A day at Primary School:


8am to 1pm, time for lessons

On school days, between 8am and 1pm students have lessons with their primary classroom teachers or language teachers and they leave their classrooms when it is time for sports or cultural activities.



There are two school breaks as the playtime is important both for the learning process and for the development of their social skills.

The break for the youngest students (2nd cycle) is at different time than the break for students in the 3rd cycle, so everybody can enjoy their playtime peacefully.

The school day is long with consecutive lessons so students can have a snack during the school break. There is a school kiosk where students can use vouchers to buy different snacks and drinks.


1pm to 2:15pm, lunch break

The school canteen provides the option of having lunch at school. For more information, click here.


2:15pm to 3:15pm: after-school activities

Depending on the day, students either have a compulsory lesson or they can participate in various elective extracurricular activities.


After 3:15pm:

Help for doing the homework is available to all primary students, as well as after-school.