Life at Nursery



Preschool children are gradually introduced to the rhythm of the life in a community: respecting the teacher’s activities and the timetables, respecting the rules of the life in a community.

At preschool, children spend several hours surrounded by their friends and they develop their affinities which will subsequently allow them to engage and enjoy in the learning process in a group.


Play-based learning

Every day at preschool, pupils take part in exploratory and symbolic games, creating and learning rules, with the aim of their proper physiological, neurological and psychosocial affective and cognitive development.



All activities at preschool are conducted in French. Learning and improving French takes place spontaneously during the three years of attending preschool classes for all children.

For non-francophone children, this acquirement of the French language is based on the solid foundations of the mother tongue. This is one of the reasons why learning Serbian is compulsory at preschool.

A good command of the language will allow a smooth and successful education when the pupils start their primary education.