Library Rules

Library and Documentation Centre (BCD)/Learning Centre (CCC) – Rulebook


Why I go to the library

I go to the Library and Documentation Centre (BCD)/Learning Centre (CCC) in order to:

  • borrow a book, a draft…;
  • read a comic, a magazine or a book;
  • learn in peace and quiet;
  • do a research on a given topic;
  • find information and read editions about school-related issues.


Document and Information Centre (CDI) is a work area and pupils must be quiet and respect everyone else’s right to work.


Code of conduct


  • Mobile phones must be switched off and placed in school bags or desk drawer;
  • The computer at the Learning Centre (CCC) can only be used for school-related work. Time spent at the computer is limited depending on the needs and number of users:
  • Drinking and eating is strictly forbidden;
  • Pupils must look after the furniture at the library. At the end of the time spent at the library, pupils must collect their papers and return chairs in the right place.