Statutes and Management

AEFE – The Agency for French Education Abroad

As an education institution under the convention with the AEFE network, the French School in Belgrade is accredited by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research. This agreement certifies the compliance with the curricula and objectives of the French education system, as well as the acknowledgement of professional orientation decisions and exams taken by students.



APE EFB – Parents’ Association of the French School in Belgrade

The French School in Belgrade is an institution governed in terms of finances by the Parents’ Association, which all EFB students’ parents are members of, with as many votes as the number of their enrolled children.

The Board of Management is the executive body of the French School in Belgrade (EFB), composed of elected members and ex officio members, all of whom are volunteers:

  • 8 elected members among parents for a two-year period at an annual meeting of the General Assembly, and partially changed every year;
  • 1 member – a representative of the school staff;
  • 2 members – civil society representatives, appointed by the Ambassador of France.

There are five members with the advisory vote: the Head of institution, Consul General of France, Cultural Affairs Counsellor of the French Embassy in Serbia, the Head of Primary and the Director of Finance and Administration.

The Board of Management meets at least once a month to discuss and decide on the issues of financial, strategic and resource management of the French School in Belgrade (EFB), in cooperation with the Head of Institution.

During meetings of the General Assembly, the parents vote on the amount of school fees, the approval of accounts for the previous school year, the budget for the following school year and on any major decision regarding the future of the school.