Our values

Excellence for all, a mark of belonging to AEFE network (The Agency for French Education Abroad)


As a member of AEFE network, the French School in Belgrade has the most advantageous conditions for accomplishing its educational mission. Our establishment invests all available means to provide excellent results for everybody.

With the help and incentive of its educational team of EFB, all students can accomplish optimal results during their schooling and discover their talents. The results our students have had in examinations for the last few years indicate the quality of work accompanied with respect for human and moral values.


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Openness to Culture, Science and Languages


The French School in Belgrade (EFB) benefits from an innovative education policy which comprises the current effective programmes in France and the openness towards the Serbian language and culture. This orientation to openness is revealed in partnership relations with the local bilingual school institutions.

Generally, our educational teams take into consideration the diversities of pupils attending EFB; all children participate in exchange projects with other international schools our school cooperates with closely. Moreover, the French School in Belgrade (EFB) cherishes intercultural communication and understanding through partnership activities and cooperation with cultural associations, sports clubs and various school trips. For our eldest pupils, we have established the policy of professional guidance and discovery of the professional world, which contributes to guiding them towards higher education.

The focus for all pupils is on languages as factors of communication and understanding between nations.


Benevolence and exigence


Through the benevolence of education, the approach applied at EFB, all pupils are accompanied in their affirmative work. We support their constant progress and their attempts to overcome their limits. Our educational teams endeavour to preserve each pupil’s integrity and to entitle them to be who they are. Thus, we create a school climate conducive to teaching and pupils’ well-being.

Our school supports children with special educational needs and their families by implementing personalized plans and programmes.

Excellence does not stand for elitism. The goal is to create a school which is inclusive, hospitable and caring but also demanding, a school which provides all pupils with conditions favourable for complete development and successful accomplishment of the reasonably chosen educational course.




EFB is committed to defending, promoting and implementing civic values. Through education and direction and through various organized activities (charity races, collecting clothes, toys etc.), we communicate universal humane messages to our pupils who will be citizens tomorrow.