Committee for Hygiene and Safety

This Group is made up of members from the School Council.


The premises are cleaned and ventilated daily in order to keep the standards of cleanliness. Moreover, a constant practice of upkeep and hygiene is encouraged among the pupils to contribute to a permanent state of cleanliness.


Safety drills are organized in compliance with the regulations. A special report including the implemented safety activities and measures is submitted to the Board of Management.

In order to avoid accidents, violent games, jostling and racing are forbidden in the school area. Parents should ensure that their child is not in possession of any dangerous objects. Parents must ensure that dangerous objects are not brought to school.

In case of an accident or injury, a pupil must inform a responsible adult immediately. If necessary, his schoolmates will do that instead of them. Chewing gums and lollipops are forbidden. The School does not accept responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of valuable belongings a pupil might bring to school.

Packed lunch

As there is no possibility of refrigerating the children’s packed lunches at school, parents are advised not to prepare any food that can go bad.

If parents decide their children should bring their own lunch to school, they need to sign a form releasing the school of responsibility for food poisoning.