The School Council

The School Council consists of three members and it is responsible for synchronising all pedagogical and educational issues at the institution and making relevant decisions. It is also acquainted with budget-related decisions made by the Board of Management and their implementation.


It consists of representatives of the extended management, including the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy (5 positions), 4 teachers, one representative of the non-teaching staff, pupils’ parents (3 positions) and pupil delegates (2 positions). All abovementioned members attend sessions and have the right to vote. Two members of the Board of Management of the State Holding Agency (APE – Agence des Participations de l’Etat), the Consular Counsellor and the pupil elected as the Vice-President of the Secondary School Life Council (CVL) attend the sessions and have the right to vote.


Three parent representatives are elected by families of all pupils at the beginning of the school year for the current school year.


The School Council has regular sessions at least once in a trimester at the initiative of the Head of Institution who also presides the Board.


Pedagogical decisions are made in accordance with the school curriculum which is regularly synchronised with priorities and guidelines of the Ministry of Education, the Strategic Plan of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) and the plan for the corresponding region (Southern and Eastern Europe), as well as in accordance with demands and circumstances of the local environment.


Members of the School Council who are from school (representatives of the management, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and pupils) are elected to attend second-degree sessions of the School Council, the Disciplinary Council (which are held only when needed) and the School Hygiene and Safety Council sessions.


You can contact members of the School Council via the following email address: