Pupils’ Representatives

The role of class student delegates in secondary school


Each class chooses two regular delegates and two deputies for the current school year.

Their duty is to represent students of their class in all circumstances and to represent their spokespersons before professors, school administration and teaching staff, at the sessions of the class committee they attend.

On that occasion they:

  • collect opinions and suggestions of other students,
  • present them to other participants at the sessions of the class committee,
  • transmit the information they have heard at the sessions of the class committee to their classmates, while respecting the confidentiality of data stated at the sessions.


As the part of the training of class delegates in lower and upper secondary school, the French school in Belgrade organizes the training day for student delegates from the 6th grade of lower secondary school to the 2nd grade of upper secondary school, which will enable delegates to get better acquainted with the way our institution works and to better understand the significance and role of delegates, especially at the sessions of the class committees.


From 2015, the mentioned training day is organized in October at the premises of the French Cultural Institute in Belgrade.