The Pedagogical Council

The Pedagogical Council is responsible for synchronising points of view of the teaching staff. It advises teachers on the school educational policies. The Pedagogical Council prepares the school curriculum which includes analysis of proposed trial activities in teaching and pedagogical work.


Article R. 421-41-3 of the Law on Education determines more precisely topics discussed at the Pedagogical Council sessions, respecting pedagogical work of teachers and authorisations of the school management staff.


Within the reform of upper secondary education which came into effect at the beginning of the school year in 2010, the Pedagogical Council advises students of 2nd on available mechanisms of support, general ways of following changes in student orientation, organising teaching by skill groups and conditions and mechanisms for language and cultural exchange with other educational institutions in Europe and abroad.


The Pedagogical Council discusses proposals related to the organisation of personalised programmes which are subsequently presented to the Board of Management by the Head of Institution. The Head of Institution appoints members of the Pedagogical Council after consulting adequate pedagogical teams and making sure the best possible consensus among them is achieved. The Board of Management informs the teaching community about the members of the Pedagogical Council.


The Law determines minimum number of members of the Pedagogical Board:


  • at least one classroom teacher for each educational level;
  • at least one subject teacher from every subject;
  • Principal Education Counsellor.


The Pedagogical Council can invite anyone to become a member whose opinion is estimated as relevant for the items of the agenda. The Head of Institution presides the Pedagogical Council.