National Exam – Secondary School Diploma

The National Diploma – Baccalaureate: what you need to know

Taking exams at the French School in Belgrade (EFB) is supervised by the Lyons Rectorate.


Baccalaureate mock exams


At the end of the school year, students of 1ère take Baccalaureate mock exams in the following subjects:

  • French (one written and one oral exam) for literary/economic and social/scientific sections (L, ES and S);
  • Science (a written exam) for literary/economic and social sections (L and ES);
  • Seminar papers on a given topic (TPE) for literary/economic and social/scientific sections (L, ES and S) – the oral part of the exam is taken at the French School of Belgrade (EFB).




The French School in Belgrade (EFB) organises exams in the national exam Baccalaureate and the acquisition of an official diploma issued by the French Ministry for the National Education, which is acknowledged and enables access to the higher education institutions in France and Europe as well as the universities of Switzerland.


General Baccalaureate: our institution organises classes in three standard educational sections:


  • Literary section (L),
  • Economic and Social Section (ES) and
  • Scientific section.
  • From the 2017-2018 school year, there is an option of an additional section “Baccalaureate – European Section”.


Baccalaureate is the French national exam taken at the end of the secondary education and it is a prerequisite for the enrolment at the university. It consists of several exams from different subjects depending on the educational section chosen by the student. Written exams take place in June within the period of one week. Each exam has a certain coefficient which is used to calculate the student’s final grade.

Our students took their Baccalaureate exam for the first time in Belgrade in June 2017.

According to the French educational system, grades range from 1 to 20 (see in further text) and a student must achieve a minimum average grade of 10 in order to pass the exam. If the student has received an average grade between 8 and 10 during the first group of exams, the student takes exams during the second group of exams (in other words, the student resits exams).


Students get the following descriptive grades according to their average grades:

  • “Satisfactory” – for an average grade from 12 until 13.99;
  • “Good” – for an average grade from 14 until 15.99;
  • “Very good” – for an average grade from 16 and more.


Since June 2016, our secondary school graduates and their parents and teachers have been welcomed at the French Embassy for the diploma awards ceremony.