Special Educational Needs

Programmes adapted to pupils with special needs (PPRE, PAI, PPS…)


Personal Approach Project (PAI) can be activated at the request of the student’s family or the institution. The procedure includes determining an appropriate protocol in cooperation with parents, a certified medical institution and teaching team. Special needs include dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia etc. The school can also create Personalised Programmes of Educational Success (PPRE) or a Personalised Schooling Project (PPS) for students who are exceptional athletes or acknowledged artists.


Supervision throughout Lower and Upper Secondary School


There are two kinds of supervision:

  1. Individual supervision in 6ème is carried out during lesson time. Special tailored lessons are a part of the 6ème timetable.
  2. Individual supervision (AP) in the Upper Secondary School is carried out in small groups. Students get support in mastering the curriculum (in science, literature or other subjects).

In 2018, a part-time medical worker joined our team to provide first aid in emergencies and work on prevention in the area of health and civil education; a freelance psychologist also joined our team whose task, among other things, is:

  • to assess psychological, cognitive and social development of students in order to ensure their successful education;
  • to provide special student assessment reports to students’ families as well as pedagogical and teaching teams. If possible, the psychologist manages critical situations thus contributing to the atmosphere of kindness at school;
  • to work towards psychological wellbeing and socialisation of students so that they can master the school curriculum more easily and to contribute to the prevention of risks of lack of effort or quitting the school. The psychologist will, through the professional approach, contribute to the overall success of students.