Middle School

Lower Secondary School marks the students’ entry into the middle level of education

The Lower Secondary School provides each student with the opportunity to develop their skills and to demonstrate their potential, taking into account the special needs of each of them, all the way to acquiring the National Diploma – Brevet.

Different mechanisms allow individual monitoring of all students from the 6th to the 3rd grade of lower secondary school. From the 5th grade of lower secondary school, interdisciplinary practical teaching (EPI) was established within the curriculum for each subject.

The lower secondary school education includes four levels, from the sixth to the third grade of lower secondary school, structurally classified by the teaching cycles. The sixth grade is the completion of the 3rd cycle, which includes CM1 and CM2, while the fifth, fourth and third grades form the 4th cycle.

Three educational directions complement the common cycle of acquiring knowledge and skills:

  • Educational-cultural direction enables the student to acquire a basis in the field of culture;
  • The development of a student orientation plan is carried out within the framework of determining future direction;
  • Civic Education encourages our students in civic initiatives and civic attitudes to help them become responsible people and take active participation in their own education.


School subjects in French School in Belgrade

6th grades


5th grades


Latin (1h)

4th grades

3rd grades


Latin (2h)