High School

Upper Secondary School

Upon completing four grades in lower secondary school, students continue their education in upper secondary school, where the education lasts for three years.

The second grade of the upper secondary school represents a turning point before the final cycle of education, which is characterized by a progressive specialization of studies between the first and the final class.

The French School in Belgrade (EFB) offers three classic general educational directions:

  • Economic-Social Direction (ES)
  • Scientific Direction(S).
  • Literary Direction (L)

The General Direction leads our graduates to university studies, to groups for preparation for enrollment in higher schools or possibly to areas of specialization (University Institute of Technology (IUT), Higher Technical School (BTS)).

Students in the final grade who want to continue their studies in France must apply at the ‘Parcours’ platform at www.parcoursup.fr .

Note that the new graduation exam will come into force in the year 2021 and will apply to students who are preparing for enrollment in the second grade of secondary school in the school year 2018-2019. More information can be found on the following link: