Secondary School

As in primary school, languages are an important part of the educational policy. There are various linguistic programmes adapted to the recognized needs and offered to our students every school year. These programmes include certification of the students’ level, as well as diverse students exchange programmes or language study tours.


Learning a foreign language is based on CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference) programmes and levels, in compliance with the Official Guidelines of the French Ministry of National Education.


However, the outcomes sometimes surpass the expected objectives at the end of a cycle: A1-A2 at the end of cycle 3 in ESL, A2-B1 at the end of cycle 4, B1 at the end of Year 10, and B2 at the end of the final cycle, especially as a result of intensive and in-depth language learning since the primary level, and particularly as a result of the reinforced English course (PAR). This is also shown by the language certification levels which our students take.


The French School in Belgrade is currently considering the idea of extending  the reinforced English course to secondary school, the special programme attended by a large number of students at preschool and primary school. The selected option will have to be authorized before its implementation, possibly at the beginning of the school year 2019.


For the time being, the students have a variety of foreign languages at their disposal, depending on their grade and groups. Lower secondary students learn three foreign languages (apart from French as the first language) from Year 7 – 5ème. Besides these compulsory subjects, Latin is offered as an optional language.


The number of lessons of foreign languages is in line with the Official Guidelines of the French Ministry of National Education. However, the number and organisation of lessons can vary each year in accordance with the number of students in a group, or the decisions taken by the language teachers’ team.


English is a compulsory language for all secondary students in the French School of Belgrade. As regards Serbian, the lower secondary students are divided into two groups, one group to learn Serbian as a mother tongue, and the other in which they learn Serbian as a foreign language.


Since 2016, in compliance with the language reform in lower secondary school, all students get another foreign language in Year 7 – 5ème. At the French School in Belgrade, the students can choose among German, Spanish and Italian.


In Year 10 (Upper secondary) the students could start learning Russian as well.


Besides the usual way of studying a foreign language, the school provides an opportunity for its students to choose certain courses in a foreign language, within a non-language subject.


At the moment, the European section starts in Year 10 – 2nde, with lessons of economics in English. In Year 11 – 1ère and 12 – Terminale, it continues with studying History and Geography in English.


The students who pass the special non-language subject exam for baccalaureate, under special conditions, obtain the European Section mark on their high school diplomas.