Learning languages at preschool:


French – the school language


School lessons are taught in French from the first years of primary school till the final year of high school. The enrollment of children at PS class at the age of 3 or TPS class at the age of 2-3 is therefore strongly recommended. A good command of the French language is a requirement for children to pursue their education successfully.


English as for GS


English lessons start in Grande Section. Two programs are available :


The Reinforced English Option is offered as an option at GS, with four and a half hours of English per week. This programme continues at primary school (5 weekly hour in English).

The French Reinforced program offers an initiation to English, with one hour of English per week. This programme continues at primary school (2h of English lessons weekly).


Serbian for all pupils


All preschool pupils have two lessons of Serbian every week, regardless of their mother tongue.


Link to EFB language course from preschool to Terminale