All fun and Games !

Two years after the first EFB Commonwealth Games, which were held in Maydan, this year’s 5ème pupils studied the Commonwealth, with a special focus on the Commonwealth Games.

In this unit, they got to discover sports and games played in English-speaking countries the world over. Each group then selected one of these activities which they introduced to their schoolmates at Colonial Sun, before they could have a go at them, during the second EFB Commonwealth Games on Thursday 21st November.

This rather special one-hour class dedicated to Kabbadi (a contact sport from the Indian subcontinent) to Three Tins (a game of skill originating from South Africa) and to Shaka (a common Tanzanian tag game) went by far too quickly according to the 5èmes students.

   An ongoing game of “Shake”

   Strategic thinking before the  “Three tins” throw .

  The “Kabbadi” players proved too fast to be photographed!

Joyful players/coaches!

     The organising committee will meet in the coming months to set the date and venue of  the 3rd EFB Commonwealth Games. Stay tuned!

Written by Luc Thuilleaux


at the EFB – October 2019

In October 2019, the students of CM2 and 6ème took part in the traditional Spelling Bee competition, held every autumn at EFB! As always, students demonstrated great zeal, put in a lot of effort in achieving the best possible results and proved to be un-BEE-lievable spellers!

The nerve-racking finals were held in the week before the autumn break when the CM2 as well as 6ème finalists competed in an electric but friendly and supportive atmosphere.

The winners of the first place will be awarded popular contemporary books for children/teenagers, chosen carefully by their English teachers, and the second and the third runners—up will be given small tokens of appreciation for all their effort and enthusiasm.

We have enjoyed the competition and seeing our students work hard towards the goal and competing in knowledge! We look forward to doing it all over again next year!

The CM2 finalists

The 6ème finalists

Written by Katarina Loncar